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Aquarius Career Horoscope: April 2013

Watch your mouth

Conversations should be spicy this month with four planets in confrontational Aries and your 3rd House of Communication. The good news is the ease with which you can make new connections or come up with original ideas. The bad news is that verbal conflicts may flare up when impatience and narrow-mindedness are present. A great approach is to be experimental and willing to explore fresh concepts without being fully committed to them. This is also an excellent approach for meeting people since it encourages you to take the risks of reaching out and speaking your mind without being locked into a rigid set of expectations.

Aries is about beginnings, about sowing seeds so sending out signals to potential employers, customers, or colleagues can be a rich field of endeavor for you. That begins to change in the middle of the month when sociable Venus slows down when entering stabilizing Taurus on April 15. This transit in your 4th House of Home is a signal to make yourself more comfortable, even if it means temporarily reining in your ambitions.

The Sun and Mars make the same move on April 19 and 20, which reinforces the idea that building a solid foundation -- both emotionally and materially -- is a great investment. Pace yourself and don't outrace your resources by trying to go too far too fast. Planting your feet on the ground probably doesn't sound exciting, but even watching grass grow can be fulfilling if you have an image of what a beautiful lawn it will become.

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