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Aquarius Love Horoscope: April 2013

Pump the brakes

You might find adventure around any corner this month. April begins with four planets in spontaneous Aries in your 3rd House of Immediate Environment. Amorous Venus and passionate Mars are pumping up this part of your chart to trigger unexpected encounters and surprising connections. It's easy to strike up conversations, but sassy words can make it hard to tell flirting from fighting. Keeping your sense of humor allows you to push harder and to take in what others say without leading to a showdown. Learning situations also become opportunities to meet someone new.

Your desire for independence is likely to be strong as well, which means that you might not be in the mood to compromise. Standing up for yourself is fine when you're relaxed and confident enough to do it graciously. Discussions could grow even hotter when verbal Mercury blasts into Aries and your chatty 3rd House of Communication on April 13. Fresh perspectives can restore excitement to an ongoing relationship or enable you to see yourself differently enough to explore new ways of being with others.

But even if your mind is starting to move at lightning speed, there's a slowing down period emotionally beginning on April 15 when alluring Venus moves into docile Taurus. The upside of this transit, along with the influence of the Sun's entry into Taurus on the April 19, is to be more comfortable with yourself. This can be a relaxing time when hanging out at home and settling into a stable routine will become more appealing. Slow down and enjoy it.

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