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Aries Horoscope: April 2013

Hit the Ground Running

Get excited about the first half of April, because its cosmic energy can lift you to a higher level of happiness. The uncontainable Aries New Moon on April 10 is an annual conjunction of the Sun and Moon in your sign, which usually brings a boost of energy and enthusiasm -- and this one offers even more.

Vivacious Venus and macho Mars join this New Moon, emphasizing playfulness, sex appeal and creativity. This quartet of planets combines sensitivity with an inner fire that could make you more enchanting to others. But check your impulses when serious Saturn forms a constraining quincunx with spontaneous Uranus on April 12, the second of three aspects that began on November 15, 2012, and finishes on October 5. You may be expecting unanimous support for your escapades, but are more likely to be held back by a close friend or partner whose common sense exceeds your own.

Stability arrives with Venus' move into earthy Taurus and your 2nd House of Self-Worth on April 15, followed by the Sun on April 19 and Mars on April 20. Slowing down to calculate expenditures of money and energy not only enables you to conserve now, but it can lead to greater returns later.

You may be surprised how much pleasure it brings to leisurely savor what you already have instead of racing toward the next object of desire. Responsible Saturn's conjunction with the relentless Scorpio Full Moon in your 8th House of Deep Sharing on April 25 is further reminder to proceed with caution and respect the limits of others.

Keep in Mind this Month

Putting your energy into cultivating the relationships and activities that have long-term value ensures that you will get to keep the best things that come your way.

Key Dates for Aries

April 1: The Power of Your Convictions

You'll arouse enthusiasm in others today if you believe in what you say. The energetic Aries Sun's harmonious sextile with optimistic Jupiter expands your visions and empowers your words. If you speak from your heart, you should have little difficulty connecting with positive people who encourage your growth.


April 17: In the Zone

You are an unstoppable human laser beam today with the all-powerful Sun-Mars conjunction in aggressive Aries. This is a fireball of energy that triggers you to take immediate action. It helps if you already have a project you're trying to get off the ground or a new experience in which to pour your heart and soul. When you have a racetrack to run on you could be unbeatable, but if you're dealing with a humdrum day, your temper could get the best of you.

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