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Aries Love Horoscope: April 2013

Invest in yourself

This is a high-powered month that starts with the Sun in your energetic sign. You should be at your charming best on April 6 when magnetic Venus joins assertive Mars in Aries. This kicks up creativity, inspires your playful side, and makes you a more desirable companion. It's an excellent combination of sweetness and spice that is likely to enhance your image.

You get even more fuel in your tank with the Aries New Moon on April 10. This kinetic event is fired up by Mars' close conjunction to the Sun and Moon. Impatience and anger are potential hazards, so a bit of self-control is recommended. Fortunately, lovely Venus is close by to help you smooth out any rough spots if that becomes necessary. In any case, this is a terrific time to express your feelings as openly and honestly as possible. Just don't expect to be fully understood right away, so prepare to work patiently for what your heart desires.

Venus enters earthy Taurus on April 15, which is a reminder to slow down and smell the coffee. This sensual transit occurs in your 2nd House of Self-Worth, where it shows you that taking your time and appreciating what you already have makes it easier to attract even more.

The Sun follows suit on April 19 and then your ruling planet Mars enters the sign of the Bull on April 20. While these shifts could bring out the stubborn side of your personality, they're really signals to invest in yourself and your own comfort first.

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