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Capricorn Love Horoscope: April 2013

Pursue with pleasure

It could be hard to feel settled during the first couple of weeks of April. Planets are firing through impulsive Aries, which can clash with your more deliberate approach to relationships. The order and safety you often seek could be challenged by restlessness or suddenly shifting circumstances. While conflict on the home front is a possibility with these transits, they can also spur you to be more experimental in your search for happiness.

Give yourself permission to try things without worrying about where they will lead. Yes, it may sound irresponsible to be so shortsighted, but this perspective offers you the freedom to explore emotions without worrying about the future. That "live for the moment" attitude will start to shift (if you experience it at all) in the middle of the month.

Venus, the planet of love, enters earthy Taurus and your 5th House of Romance and Play on April 15. This favorable transit makes you more comfortable with yourself and more appealing to others. Pursuing pleasure is totally appropriate with this amorous planet in such a sensual sign. Food, massage, music, art, dance, and creativity are sources of delight you're ready to share with others. This appealing transit allows you to feel young, innocent, and able to enjoy yourself without considering where this all leads.

The Sun follows Venus' path and enters your flirtatious 5th House of Excitement on April 19 to keep this delightful trend going. One exception occurs on April 22 when Venus opposes your ruling planet Saturn, which can inhibit joy, delay satisfaction, or cause you to take a more serious view of relationships.

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