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Gemini Horoscope: April 2013

Time Out

Work feels like play this month as you participate in exciting projects with friends and co-workers. On April 10, the energizing New Moon in impetuous Aries occurs in your 11th House of Groups and is fired up with conjunctions to flirty Venus and sassy Mars. This creatively rich lineup brings originality and fun to much of what you do, especially when you're connected with imaginative allies.

Just don't overlook other responsibilities and the limits of reality, because stern Saturn forms an annoying quincunx with unruly Uranus on April 12. This is the second of three alignments that began on November 15, 2012, and finishes on October 5, which requires impulse control, but can reward your discipline with the mastery of new skills. Your ruling planet, Mercury, zips into scrappy Aries on April 13, adding more fuel to your social fire and speeding up the pace of communication.

The tempo starts to slow on April 15, when comfort-seeking Venus ambles into easygoing Taurus and your retiring 12th House of Privacy. You're more interested in reducing social activities to find peace and privacy in the garden of your inner life than being the belle or beau of the ball.

The Sun's shift into tranquil Taurus on April 19 and Mars' similar move on April 20 both underscore the value of spiritual pursuits and less public exposure during the next few weeks. Work and health issues could grow tense with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your 6th House of Habits on April 25. The Full Moon in resolute Scorpio is conjunct to responsible Saturn, which can force you to alter your daily routine and invest more time and energy in nurturing yourself.

Keep in Mind this Month

No matter how flattering the attention you receive from others is now, recognize when you've had enough and leave before you're exhausted.

Key Dates for Gemini

April 1: As Good as Gold

It's your time to shine with a buoyant sextile between the Sun and Jupiter. Astrology's luckiest planet in your sign aligning favorably with the star of our solar system boosts confidence and adds an air of importance to everything you do. You don't need to struggle on your own when you have people ready to support you if you're willing to ask for their help. Selling yourself or a project is easy when you believe this strongly in what you're doing and what you say.


April 19-21: Bite Your Tongue

Slow down and think through situations before you act or speak impulsively on April 19, when talkative Mercury is sideswiped by a clunky quincunx from repressive Saturn. However, the reins of patience are not easy to find on the 20th when Mercury joins volatile Uranus. Brilliant ideas and unconventional perspectives are gifts of this aspect, but restless feelings and provocative speech are its potential deficits. Sometimes you can get away with an inappropriate quip or shocking story—but not on the 21st, when Mercury's tense square with investigative Pluto pushes past the surface to expose flaws in any argument while revealing previously hidden facts.

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