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Leo Horoscope: April 2013

Aim for the Stars

You're excited by your aspirations for new personal and professional experiences during the first half of the month. The Sun's dynamic presence in your 9th House of Adventure is kicked into higher gear with the rowdy Aries New Moon on April 10. This energizing union of the Sun and Moon in Aries ignites your passion for adventure, encourages you to break out of your usual routine and widens your intellectual horizons.

The cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, join this lunation to charge up your creative and romantic interests while they inspire social and artistic endeavors. Responsibilities on the home front could slow you down, though, with reliable Saturn's uncomfortable quincunx with unstable Uranus on April 12. This aspect occurred on November 15, 2012, and finishes on October 5, giving you more time to find a healthy balance between taking care of business and being free to pursue your wildest dreams.

Expect new ideas and intellectual impulsiveness with quicksilver Mercury's entry into speedy Aries on April 13. However, the pace slows with Venus' shift into laid-back Taurus and your 10th House of Career on April 15, followed there by the Sun on April 19 and by Mars on April 20. It's time to put potentials into practice by recommitting to your professional goals and working with steadiness to help you earn dollars and respect.

You may hit a bump in the road with the secretive Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse in your 4th House of Roots on April 25. A lunar conjunction with pessimistic Saturn could darken your mood with self-doubt or delay your public progress until you complete unfinished personal business.

Keep in Mind this Month

Scattering your forces is fun for a while, but it won't produce the lasting results you desire. Save your best shot for the target you really want to hit.

Key Dates for Leo

April 1: Two-Way Street

An opportunistic Sun-Jupiter sextile activates your community-oriented 11th House, boosting your self-confidence and your public profile. You're enthusiastic about becoming more involved in something larger than yourself and, fortunately, your friends and colleagues encourage your growth. Making your point and making connections come easily when you're as interested in listening as you are in talking.


April 20-23: Prove Your Worth

You're revved up on April 20, thanks to a high-frequency Mercury-Uranus conjunction. Speaking without considering the consequences of your words can prove costly when Mercury squares punishing Pluto on April 21. Don't hold on to unworkable ideas or intellectual positions unless you're certain of their ultimate value. You may feel as if the isolating Venus-Saturn opposition on April 22 is testing you, as the week starts on a sobering note. If you can handle money and relationships with care, you'll earn respect and avoid expensive mistakes. Happily, Mercury's smart sextile with noble Jupiter on April 23 garners support from pals or colleagues when you take the time to describe what you need from them.

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