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Libra Career Horoscope: April 2013

Big decisions

Managing partnerships and dealing with the public are key areas of your work life this month. The expressive Sun, charming Venus, and assertive Mars are all in your 7th House of Relationships. These could attract impatient individuals or even people who are overtly aggressive toward you. If you're back on your heels playing defense and trying to placate these folks, you're less likely to be successful than by becoming more direct yourself. Taking the initiative with others can work to your advantage and open up surprising opportunities. It's better to be bold and make your mistakes moving forward than to hunker down and simply try to hold your ground.

The innovative Aries New Moon on April 10 is enriched by conjunctions with Venus and Mars that could bring out your creative best. Your superior social skills can also help you to open doors that slam shut on people who are even more qualified than you. Your planet, Venus, ambles into easygoing Taurus and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on April 15. This is a good time to make contacts with reliable individuals to gain their financial support.

The Sun and Mars enter Taurus on the April 19 and April 20, which continue the theme of deepening work relationships. You want steady and solid individuals on your side, but could attract those who stubbornly resist change ... which is not ideal. If you reach an impasse, the Full Moon on April 25 could be when you finally draw a line in the sand and will be ready to make important decisions.

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