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Pisces Horoscope: April 2013

Planting Seeds of Inspiration

Fresh ideas keep popping up this month, and concepts start to consolidate in the later part of April. The fun starts with the lively Aries New Moon in your 2nd House of Resources on April 10, when its conjunctions with attractive Venus and ardent Mars turn on your creativity and your social skills.

Generating more income may be a desirable goal, but having fun is more likely to get you there than taking life too seriously. Your willingness to take risks and adopt a more straightforward approach may rub some people the wrong way; nevertheless, you need adventurous allies who know how to play so you can feel free to blaze new personal and professional paths. Your head will definitely be in the game when brainy Mercury fires into fearless Aries on April 13 to accelerate thinking and communication.

You impress people with your common sense on April 15, when sensual Venus enters practical Taurus and your 3rd House of Communication, adding a healthy dose of reason to your conversations. The Sun enters earthy Taurus on April 19, lending another degree of solidity to your thoughts. Being well informed strengthens your confidence and makes your proposals sound more substantive to others. You might crank up the pressure when pushy Mars enters Taurus and your chatty 3rd House on April 20, but don't let your desires lead to stubbornness that can undercut your influence.

Cultivate patience with restrictive Saturn's conjunction to the resolute Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on April 25. Travel and educational plans may be postponed, as this powerful Full Moon activates your 9th House of Higher Learning and Faraway Places, giving you time to reconsider whether your current endeavors are worthwhile.

Keep in Mind this Month

You're most convincing when you calmly address one subject at a time instead of letting your mind wander and overloading others with information.

Key Dates for Pisces


April 6-8: Addicted to Love

Romantic foolishness is in the air as erotic Mars and Venus hook-up on April 7, after creating semisquares with squishy Neptune on April 6. These quixotic aspects inspire compassion and leave you ready for self-sacrifice, but the cause may not be worthy of your idealism. Your imagination runs rampant, yet it isn't easy to recognize the difference between an impossible dream and an achievable goal. Taking time to fantasize is healthy, as long you don't try to build something permanent from these fleeting visions. The confusing role of Neptune continues on April 8 with its semisquare to the Sun. Misreading authority figures or relying on poorly constructed plans will disappoint you. However, your ability to forgive bad behavior could smooth over a rough situation.

April 25-28: Lost and Found

The provocative Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on April 25 joins constrictive Saturn, forcing you to focus your feelings, but a slippery Mercury-Neptune semisquare adds confusion on April 26. Fortunately, a harmonious Mars-Neptune sextile allows you to correct your course with a subtle shift of direction. If careless speech or cloudy thinking has complicated a situation, the Sun-Saturn opposition on April 28 sets you back on track.

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