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Pisces Career Horoscope: April 2013

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Money and gathering resources should be on your mind when April begins. Four planets occupy your 2nd House of Self-Worth where gaining additional sources of income and assets is appropriate. This is happening in the innovative sign of Aries, suggesting that new tools and different ways of earning income should be on your mind. It also means that you need a feeling of excitement to cash in on these opportunities. Still, Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is simply a jumping off point. It's not about finalizing deals, completing training or buying a costly piece of equipment. It's about doing the investigation needed to spend your time and energy wisely while seeking alternative ways to get paid.

Creative thinking is a must because it gets you out of your daily routine to consider possibilities that might not be on your radar. Don't be afraid to explore ideas and speculate about different professional paths at this exploratory time. In the middle of the month Venus starts a parade of planets entering practical Taurus that brings your thinking down to earth. Her shift into the sign of the Bull and your 3rd House of Communication is followed by the willful Sun and energetic Mars on the April 19 and 20

Although your head may still be spinning with speculation about future possibilities, put your feet on the ground and attend to the tasks before you with patience and persistence. Others will value what you say when you're rooted in facts and don't oversell or exaggerate.

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