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Taurus Horoscope: April 2013

Building Momentum

You're content to work behind the scenes during the first half of the month with the planetary emphasis on your 12th House of Privacy. On the surface it doesn't look like you're fully involved with what's happening in your life because you are keeping your plans to yourself. Four planets in courageous Aries encourage you to take risks that others don't know about, yet your unexpressed enthusiasm is your secret weapon as you work toward unspoken goals.

The excitable Aries New Moon on April 10 reenergizes your mysterious 12th House of Privacy. This fiery lunation's conjunction with artful Venus and ardent Mars kindles creativity and initiates a new cycle of personal expression. You are ready to bolt ahead on a pet project, but stern Saturn forms an unaccommodating quincunx to unstoppable Uranus on April 12, raising uncertainty. Should you buck the tide and push ahead or accept the annoying delays you now face? It's easier to justify your next move when mischievous Mercury skips into macho Aries on April 13, quickly convincing you to forge ahead with your plans.

You shine like a star during the second half of the month. Your power increases and you take center stage when your key planet, Venus, enters steady Taurus and your 1st House of Self on April 15, followed by the willful Sun on April 19 and assertive Mars on April 20. Nevertheless, you may need to slow down, respond to someone's criticism, and regroup if necessary when naysaying Saturn in your 7th House of Relationships opposes Venus on April 22 and the Sun on April 28.

Additionally, the transformational Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse on April 25 shakes your 7th House of Relationships, requiring you to be realistic about the limitations of a partnership as you reevaluate its worth.

Keep in Mind this Month

Don't be discouraged by obstacles that slow your progress. Think of them as lessons that allow you to hone your skills and improve your chances for success.

Key Dates for Taurus

April 21-24: Roller Coaster of Love

Pushy Mars in determined Taurus can lead to overbearing behavior as it forms a clunky semisquare with bombastic Jupiter on April 21. An obsessive Mercury-Pluto square the same day tempts you to wield power by making non-negotiable demands that are only covering your insecurities. Unreasonable stubbornness won't lead to happiness; it only isolates you further when affectionate Venus runs into the hard, cold wall of Saturn's opposition on April 22. Thankfully, you can be more open-minded when interactive Mercury in fearless Aries aspects permissive Jupiter on April 23. If you're able to roll with the dramatic emotional changes, Venus' synergetic trine to passionate Pluto on April 24 rewards you by revitalizing a flagging relationship or stirring up a yearning for a new romance.


April 25-28: Point of No Return

Expect drama in a close relationship on April 25, thanks to an intense Scorpio Lunar Eclipse in your 7th House of Companions -- especially if it feels like you've reached the end of a road. But aspects from rational Mercury and reckless Mars to metaphysical Neptune on April 26 can reveal a higher path if you're ready to leave your old ways behind. The Sun's opposition to scrupulous Saturn on April 28 can bring a final judgment; whatever happens, don't hold on to the past.

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