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Taurus Career Horoscope: April 2013

Running of the Bulls

You Bulls may be chomping at the bit as high energy transits make you feel like you're being pushed to act quickly in early April. Planets in impatient Aries create a dynamic but potentially stressful environment. Whether you're anxious for changes in your professional life or feel pushed by circumstances beyond your control, staying calm and cool will serve you well now. In fact, it would be perfect to get some time off so that you can brainstorm about your future.

There are waves of creative energy coming on April 6 when your planet Venus joins active Mars and on April 10 with the Aries New Moon. But spending these imaginative resources on emergencies or shouting them into a void of indifferent people is a waste. It's better to think in a quiet place where you can generate and gather valuable ideas that can change the course of your career in the future.

The planetary tides turn in a direction that rewards you more immediately starting on April 15. Venus enters Taurus and your 1st House of Personality, which makes you more comfortable with yourself and more appealing to others. Then, on April 19, the Sun moves into your sign to increase self-confidence and your capacity to get attention and impress people. The following day, muscular Mars follows suit to juice you up with passion and power. Finding productive places to invest this energy can not only help you break new ground, but keep you from getting bogged down in squabbles that waste your time.

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