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April 2014 Career Horoscope

Shocks and surprises

April is very likely to be wild month, when shocks, surprises and intense issues arise in many areas of life, including work. The excitement starts early, with the impulsive Aries Sun making tense alignments with exaggerating Jupiter, explosive Uranus and provocative Pluto in the first three days of April.

A tendency to be uncooperative, restless and impatient is understandable, but it's not ideal for maintaining harmony on the job. If you want to hold on to your current position, it's wise to let emotional storms pass without taking extreme action. However, if you're ready for a change, this is a great time to open your mind to discover different ways to make a living.

Energetic Mars is still retrograde, though, slowing the process of finding balance in a new situation. Managing professional relationships can also be more challenging with this pattern, although it can be favorable for doubling back to check in with potential employers, customers or business partners. Just be aware that promises that are made very suddenly may be difficult to keep.

Sociable Venus enters dreamy Pisces on April 5, and joins nebulous Neptune there on April 11. Mental Mercury fires into spontaneous Aries on April 7, which is quick to speak but slow to commit. Nevertheless, these transits can stimulate imagination and creativity.

Another wave of changes occurs April 20-23, with one of the biggest planetary alignments in years. The Sun will be in stabilizing Taurus then, yet it can feel more like a shack on the beach during a tsunami than a safe haven.

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