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Aquarius Horoscope: April 2014

Tension builds

If you're enrolled in a university or certification program, you might feel quite stressed. Perhaps there's a vital exam looming ahead and you're not as prepared as you'd like to be. You might also need to contend with a growing problem between you and a mentor or professor. This teacher might seem to be bent on giving you a hard time, and in some cases it may be extreme. Depending on the situation, you may consider taking the situation to your advisor or the dean. Things may come to a head on April 15.

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Another possibility is that if you're involved in a tense legal matter, it will finally reach an ending. Unfortunately, it appears you're not as favored in any court proceedings if they happen to take place between April 15-24. You might also experience trouble with your attorney and in certain cases may choose to find new representation.

Are you in the publishing industry or involved with any international business? If so, the tension in communications may hit you especially hard. You might, for example, lose foreign rights to publishing your work, or you might discover the deal you've been working on isn't as attractive as you thought it would be. If you're self-publishing, you might feel as if you've chosen the wrong establishment to work with. Ultimately, you may decide to walk away from this publisher altogether.

Thankfully, your domestic situation looks promising. A gorgeous Solar Eclipse on April 29 might lead to a decision to move or buy or sell property. You may also hear good news from a relative. This message may be so bright and promising that it makes you forget about every ounce of stress April might otherwise bring.

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