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Aquarius Career Horoscope for April 2014

Going to extremes

Your busy brain could be even more active than usual this month, with the heat of the fiery Aries Sun lighting up your 3rd House of Information until April 19. Mental Mercury joins the party on April 7, adding another degree of ingenuity and restlessness. You may lack patience when it comes to slow-thinking people and slow-moving projects. If you can come up with practical ways to speed things up, that's great -- but if not, it's wise to avoid pushing or complaining.

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Difficulties with authority figures might be triggered with the Sun's conjunction to your independent ruling planet Uranus on April 2. You could be tempted to go to extremes, like quitting your job or radically changing your life. It's definitely smart to think out of the box, as long as you match your bold plans with carefully calculated moves.

This is a high-risk time, as rare planetary patterns shake the world this month. In this volatile environment it doesn't take much to trigger strong responses, which is why measuring your words is so important. The pace doesn't let up with electrifying feelings, and, perhaps, tension and crises in the middle of April.

Mercury's tense aspects with spontaneous Uranus and provocative Pluto on April 14 are followed by a Full Moon in your 9th House of Faraway Places on April 15. You may be ready for a vacation, or at least a mental break, then. On the other hand, additional education and travel could lead you to new and exciting work opportunities.

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