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Aquarius Love Horoscope for April 2014

Take the high road

You might feel grateful if you can skate by this month with a rather uneventful love life. Considering this month is Eclipse season and that it will also host a rare alignment between four planets called a Grand Cross, you will be relieved to know that your personal life will likely remain relatively unscathed.

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The problem will be that your attention is required elsewhere in your life, and as a result you may neglect your sweetheart entirely. A health situation may need your care, or a major communications-related matter will demand your focus. Another possibility is that your relationship with one of your siblings or a coworker will be under duress this month, and you'll need to navigate through whatever tension unfolds.

Still, there is a tense period that may affect you and your sweetheart. The days between April 14 and 16 in particular will be stressful, thanks to angry links from Mercury (ruler of your true love sector) to several other planets. You might not want to make any significant decision about your love life or with your sweetheart at this time.

If you notice your lover is more argumentative than usual, try not to engage him or her in a quarrel. Taking the high road will be the best course of action, because your paramour might not even be upset with you specifically. Instead, this may be a case of venting or misdirected anger. Do your best to remain understanding without allowing yourself to be verbally abused. On April 29-30, however, you will enjoy sweet and stabilizing conversations with your honey.

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