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Aries Career Horoscope for April 2014

Rumbles of restlessness

It's understandable if your patience is running thin this month. Your dynamic ruling planet, Mars, is now backpedaling in gracious Libra, requiring you to make compromises or to simply sit and wait for what you want. The upside of the warrior planet's retrograde period, ending on May 19, is that you have more opportunities to repair working relationships and to reconnect with people from your past.

However, the heat is turned up so high this month that it's easy to lose your cool and your common sense. The Sun in your impulsive sign is one driving force that can have you itching to make a change. But the biggest story is a pileup of planets from April 20-23 that could turn anybody's world upside down.

You're likely to be feeling the impending storm as April begins, then catch another rumble of restlessness around the Libra Full Moon on April 15, followed by one of the most powerful planetary patterns in years. It's a Grand Cross involving revolutionary Uranus, potent Pluto, expansive Jupiter and feisty Mars that catches you in its crossfire. Crises on the job or in seeking employment are possible, yet while caution is recommended, you're better off doing something dynamic than simply sitting still.

Opening your mind to alternative ways to earn a living is healthier than rebelling against authority figures. Think creatively and the inventive side of your personality will kick in. You might not be able to make an immediate shift in your work life, but the stimulation you're getting can lead to a more exciting professional future.

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