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Aries Love Horoscope for April 2014

Hanging by a thread

This will most certainly be a defining month for you in terms of relationships, Aries. While communication planet Mercury will enter your sign on April 7, allowing you to speak your mind easily until April 23, this doesn't mean your partner will like hearing what you have to say.

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In fact, a series of intensely stressful connections from Mercury to other planets will build up to a crescendo just in time for a Lunar Eclipse in your partnership sector on April 15. The volatile astrology from April 14-24 isn't likely to favor sweetness and light in your love life.

On the contrary, if a relationship is already hanging by a thread, you can count on this month to be the catalyst that cuts that last cord completely. If a relationship does end under this lunation, you can be sure it's final. There's no going back when two people part ways during eclipse time.

On the other hand, if this does happen you will know in your heart of hearts that it's the only way. This breakup was likely long overdue, and both you and your mate will be better off in the long run because now you'll each be ready to embrace the next chapter in your lives.

If a relationship does survive this intense month, you can be assured it's meant to be. Still, don't assume you'll be on easy street if you come out of April with your partnership still intact. You can be certain it will still undergo a metamorphosis in order to keep up with the sweeping changes happening in your life during this time.

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