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Cancer Horoscope: April 2014

Point of no return

You may have reached a breaking point when it comes to a domestic situation. It has become increasingly clear that you're unhappy with the way things are going at home. You might be engaged in a cold war with at least one relative or roommate. If so, expect things to come to head near the angry Lunar Eclipse on April 15. You and your roommate may decide it's no longer optimal to live together, and if so you will ultimately be better off.

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If this is a family matter, it's possible you'll want to disconnect from a relative you view as toxic in some way. While this choice won't be an easy one, you may wind up going this route in the end if you feel this is the best course of action.

Another possibility involves a difficult choice about your living situation with a spouse. You have been dealing with tension in the marital department for quite some time, Cancer, and if this continues you may decide to ask for a separation. The frustration in this area will be intense until April 24.

If there's one place you'll receive reprieve, however, it's within your social circle. A fabulous opportunity may arrive from a friend or your networking connections near the Solar Eclipse on April 29. Be sure to mingle, attend events and let all of your pals know exactly what you need. Someone is sure to help you get through the family drama.

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