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Cancer Love Horoscope for April 2014

You can't escape

It might be impossible to focus on your love life at all this month. That's because an intensely stressful and rare configuration called a Grand Cross will infuse your horoscope with tension and sweeping changes in personal, professional and domestic areas.

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Still, single or newly dating Cancers will have small windows of opportunity for romance. On April 11, you and your sweetie might decide the best course of action is to escape from the impending April doom entirely and plan an exotic vacation together. The farther away you travel, the better! If you're able to pull this off, you'll especially enjoy April 17-18 to support a love connection. Then, on April 25, matters of the heart will be so fulfilling you might realize the person you're dating has long-term potential.

If you're married, however -- or in a committed relationship -- your love story this month might not have as happy an ending. That's because your relationship will be in the line of the Grand Cross's fire. Four planets, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, will lock horns in this configuration that will test your mettle to the max. If you've remained in a dead marriage "for the sake of the kids," or due to finances, or perhaps because you are too afraid to make a move, the Universe will likely give you one giant shove.

Of course, not every relationship will end under this stress. For some, it might be a business alliance or family relationship that suffers tension. Either way, it won't make your love life any easier to navigate. Seek solace from your friends between April 26-30. Theirs will be the voice of reason.

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