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Gemini Horoscope: April 2014

Make a clean break

Your love and social lives might feel like more stress than they are worth this month. A heady Lunar Eclipse on April 15 will likely bring tension between you and a pal to culmination. It appears you and this friend have been on the outs for quite some time, growing apart or fighting more than usual.

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While you're not one to harbor bitterness, and you may prefer a clean break, this time around it might not be as easy to remove yourself from this alliance. The two of you may be connected to a larger group or involvement and will need to figure out a way to work around each other. This may pull on you and test your relationship to other mutual friends. The best advice is to avoid gossiping to other buddies about the bad blood between you and this soon to be "ex" friend. Between April 14-16, in particular, you'll want to be careful not to put your foot in your mouth!

Your love life might also feel stressed during this time. Let's face it, these days you may not be having much fun in bed. It seems like your sexual frustration will hit a peak mid-month as well. You and your lover will need to work through the problem, or you will likely decide that this romance is no longer viable.

The good news this month is that a personal breakthrough is coming your way. On April 29, you might decide it's time to enlist the help of an expert to help you work through your "stuff." This might be a counselor, hypnotherapist or another professional you trust. Change begins inside, and by month's end you're ready to dig deep.

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