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Gemini Love Horoscope for April 2014

Two wrongs don't make it right

Your love life AND your social life might be extra difficult this month, much to your frustration. Mars continues to travel retrograde in your romance sector, and it will be involved in a rare, quite stressful configuration for most of April called a Cardinal Grand Cross. In this pattern, four planets will engage in conflict-producing squares all at the same time, creating a feeling of boxed-in energy. In your case, the points of greatest tension will involve giving and receiving love, as well as intimacy and your shared resources with a mate.

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On April 8, you'll get your first taste of what's to come when you might feel cornered into an impossible choice between a friend and lover. If you're asked to choose between the two, this will only anger you. The trouble is that you may misdirect your frustration somehow, and you could wind up taking action that hurts you in the long run.

On April 15,a testy Lunar Eclipse in your true love sector, along with the Cardinal Grand Cross that will be exact until April 24, might lead to the end of this romance. At the very least you'll need to reassess something about your sex life ... or lack thereof.

Adding to your stress, at the same time you and a friend will likely continue to move through a series of tests in your relationship that you may not be able to overcome. If this alliance has become nothing but trouble, you'll have to ask yourself why you're still hanging out. Soul searching will prove invaluable near April 29.

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