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Leo Horoscope: April 2014

One door closes, another opens

If you're involved in any negotiation, you might feel tension reach a boiling point this month. Starting as early as April 7, you may feel more argumentative than usual about this situation, and you may begin to quarrel with the person you're meant to collaborate with. On April 15, an extremely stressed Lunar Eclipse might bring discussions to an end. If this occurs, it's not likely to be as favorable to you as you hope. Another possibility is that you may choose to end a contractual agreement.

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If you're involved in any communications business or the sales industry, you might feel that progress is an uphill battle. In addition, if you've been on the outs with a sibling there might be an extra stressful conversation in the days between April 15-24. Alternatively, if there's trouble in your community between you and a neighbor, you may want to consider keeping your distance. The old adage "good fences make good neighbors" might ring especially true now.

Once April 29 hits, however, you'll notice a significant change. An incredibly promising Solar Eclipse will fall in your career sector, opening up the doors for you to make the most of any new business venture. You might even nab an amazing promotion or award for the work you've done thus far.

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