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Libra Love Horoscope for April 2014

Damage control

Put on your suit of armor and get ready to protect your heart this month, Libra. If you can. Without a doubt, this will be the most stressful month for you and many others when it comes to romance. In your case, the difficult planetary alignments appear to make a direct hit to those Librans who are in a committed partnership, although even casually dating Librans may be affected.

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On April 7, Mercury will enter your relationship sector, where he remains until April 23. While you might at first believe this phenomenon will improve communication between you and your mate, the exact opposite is likely to happen this time around. That's because Mercury will make several stressful links to other planets at the very same time a tense Lunar Eclipse will hit your sign on April 15.

Emotionally charged words are likely to cut like a knife, and if it doesn't lead to an all-out brawl or breakup, there will still be significant damage control needed to salvage a partnership. Remember, this might not affect you exclusively in a love relationship -- it might be business. Either way, you will feel the intensity.

Unfortunately, things will not begin to relax until after April 24. A much friendlier Solar Eclipse on April 29 might bring positive news your way if you're involved in divorce proceedings. You may receive a favorable settlement. If you are still happily married, there could be beneficial financial news that comes from your partner.

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