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Sagittarius Horoscope: April 2014

Family matters

Tension in your social life and with finances might try to get the best of you this month, but fortunately, if there's one place you can find solace it's with your family.

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All month long you'll receive gorgeous support from at least one of your relatives. On April 11, and then again on April 17-18, you might find extra relief from someone in your clan. This will be in the form of an extra boost of inspiration, but it might just as easily extend to financial assistance.

That will be most appreciated because, when it comes to your friends, life may feel a bit lonely. You may choose to end a friendship, or a pal might decide to kick you to the curb near April 15. Alternatively, you may end your affiliation with a group if you feel that the connection is no longer working out to your mutual benefit. In some cases, a rift with your sweetheart about the company you keep might lead you to second guessing an alliance.

If money troubles find you between April 15-24 and a relative can't help out, try not to worry too much. Lucky for you, a brilliant Solar Eclipse will fall in your work sector on April 29. It'll be easy to nab a freelance assignment or second job. And it'll pay well.

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