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Sagittarius Love Horoscope for April 2014

Trapped in a box

Ouch. That's what you may feel as it relates to your love life for most of the month. Indeed, this will be a most difficult month for many -- but for different reasons in each case. As far as you're concerned, the most frustrating tension will hit you right in your heart strings, testing your capacity to give and receive love.

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Whether or not you choose to allow this month's challenges to shut you down completely in matters of the heart will be your choice. Most likely (thankfully!) you'll draw from your signature optimism and faith, remembering that no matter how bad things get in life, the Sun is always behind the clouds.

But first, let's talk about that cloudy weather. On April 7, communication planet Mercury will enter your true love sector, where he'll remain until April 23. Under normal circumstances, this would improve communication between you and someone special. This time around, however, the more argumentative side of Mercury will be ignited, thanks to a barrage of unkind aspects that peak from April 14-16.

What makes matters worse is that during this time a testy Lunar Eclipse will occur in your friendship sector, bringing a sweeping change to your social life. There might be opposition or aggravation from a lover due to situations that arise in your social circle. Not feeling the support from your sweetheart might flare your temper, leading you to spout off words you later regret.

At the crux of the stress is the fact that a rare configuration called a Grand Cross will peak this month. The planets Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto will all lock up into a square aspect with one another, creating a box in the sky. This box will make you feel trapped and frustrated in a social or romantic situation. You may not feel valued, or you might feel as if money and resources are being used as a manipulative tactic to preserve or maintain control of a relationship.

Either way, you'll need to address this, but wait until the tension begins to calm if possible -- more toward the very end of April. The good news is that a relative might come to the rescue and help mediate any sticky situation between you and your love. As you can see, a rainbow is visible in the distance, Sagittarius, but before you get there you might need to weather a storm or two.

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