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Scorpio Horoscope: April 2014

Emotional geysers erupt

There's so much going on inside of you these days, Scorpio, that it's like bubbles underneath the surface of wallpaper. Seemingly innocuous, but potentially damaging if not handled properly. That's exactly what you'll notice is the theme of this month's energy. It's time to delve into that part of you no one else sees -- the part of you that is your own blind spot at times. If you're willing to "go there," you'll come out of the experience stronger and more able to handle yourself in a variety of situations. If, however, you keep trying to ignore those bubbles, then more than a few of them might erupt this month, causing you extraordinary frustration.

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What might be particularly troubling is an unresolved relationship situation. You might never have obtained closure from a betrayal or a broken heart. This might even have to do with a business relationship gone bad. If so, events near April 15 and up until April 24 will put you in a position to release the pain you've held onto once and for all.

If you've really been sweeping your anxiety under the rug, you might learn during this time that it's manifesting in other ways -- as a potential illness for you to overcome. Health problems that transpire this month almost certainly have their root in an unresolved psychological matter. Make it your business to handle this once and for all ... it's the only way to free yourself. A "Eureka!" moment with a counselor or during a hypnotherapy session may work wonders.

It's extremely important that you do the work necessary so that you can fully benefit from the extraordinary Solar Eclipse happening in your partnership sector on April 29. A new alliance is possible, and you'll want to be fully present to give it a fair shot. Lucky for you, support is everywhere. Take it.

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