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Scorpio Career Horoscope for April 2014

Stay on high alert

There is major astrological activity in your 6th House of Employment this month, which can shake things up at work. The impatient Aries Sun is in this part of your chart, with patterns that can lead to overdoing, rebellion and power struggles starting the first week of April. If you're ready to push a major project, look for a new job or consider changing your vocation, these transits will provide all the energy you need.

That said, the entire month of April is filled with planetary time bombs that make it a period when being alert is a must. Keeping your cool and being strategic continues as an important theme, with your assertive planet Mars backpedaling in diplomatic Libra and your subtle 12th House of Privacy. A little nudge will produce better results than a shove, especially as you may also be more sensitive about anyone putting pressure on you now.

Words are extra powerful on April 16, enabling you to score significant points if you can stay focused on the topic and set your emotions aside. Still, the planets continue to rock and roll, which can keep surprises coming.

Seek out solid partners and colleagues when the Sun enters reliable Taurus and your 7th House of Others on April 19. Individuals who can remain steady in a storm help you move through changes with more self-confidence. Yes, aggressive Mars can push you to overreach or put you in the middle of a conflict during its super-heated period of April 22-23, but if you manage crises well then, you'll create alliances that can lead to a more exciting professional future.

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