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Taurus Horoscope: April 2014

Clear the air

Although you may experience a certain amount of mild tension this month, you're in good shape compared to some of the other signs. In fact, you have a spectacular opportunity ahead for personal growth. But first, let's talk about the stress...

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In your case, it might have to do with a health issue you've been ignoring or treating incorrectly. If you have been following the same protocol and expecting a different result, it'll become clear this month that you need to make a change. Anxiety may also get the best of you if you're not careful -- especially near April 15 and again near April 23. A conversation you have been worried about will need to happen around this time, heating up your apprehension even more. Just remember: This dialogue most likely needs to take place in order to clear the air -- and the decks.

By April 29, however, everything changes. Your time will truly arrive, thanks to a spectacular Solar Eclipse set to happen in your sign. This eclipse suggests that a potent fresh start in your world is about to transpire. Adding to your blessings is the fact that this lunation will be accompanied by a slew of supportive communication links. Your voice will be powerful and your decisions wise.

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