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Taurus Love Horoscope for April 2014

High on romance

Considering that this will be the most difficult month of the entire year, astrologically speaking, your love life will be in better shape than most. If single, an enchanting connection between Venus and Neptune on April 11 might help you meet someone new through a friend or online. Or, if you're crushing on a friend, this link might be the beginning of a beautiful fairy tale romance between the two of you!

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Romance will continue to sweeten up on April 17-18, thanks to Venus making perfect links with Jupiter and Pluto. This will not only improve communication between you and your sweetie, but you may also discover that you share core values and spiritual beliefs that will only strengthen your bond.

The Sun enters your sign on April 19, followed by Mercury on April 23. All of this sets the stage for what will be an absolutely magnificent Solar Eclipse in your sign on April 29! We'll receive an extremely stressful Lunar Eclipse on April 15, but it won't affect you in a devastating way as far as your love life is concerned.

You might need to lend support to a few of your friends, though. For you personally, the Solar Eclipse on April 29 will bring a brilliant partnership or other fulfilling opportunity your way. Enjoy the ride!

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