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Virgo Career Horoscope for April 2014

Mixed messages

Dealing with unpredictable people could be a challenge during the first three weeks of April. The Sun is in feisty Aries and your 8th House of Deep Sharing, where crises tend to surface. General planetary patterns are explosive this month, so being able to put out fires and cool down overheated colleagues and customers may be more valuable than ever.

On the positive side, these exciting energies can also provide you with more passion to push forward your plans, forging new business alliances and recognizing where unfair agreements require renegotiation. However, your brainy ruling planet Mercury is in super sensitive Pisces until April 7, which can muddle messages.

Then the messenger blasts into Aries to add intellectual fuel that fires up conversations and quickens your reactions. Acting without thinking is not your usual style, but it could happen with this verbally aggressive transit. April 14-16 is an especially volatile time, a period when one single word can trigger a major confrontation. Nevertheless, if you've been struggling to connect with someone and you are bold and innovative, you could finally break through then.

The tempo slightly slows when the Sun enters solid Taurus on April 19, and your patience could increase even more when Mercury makes the same move on April 23. These shifts represent a more practical perspective, and the possibility of taking big ideas and grounding them with the research, partnerships and resources needed to turn them into reality.

Your ability to sell yourself will be strong when Mercury makes favorable aspects with potent Pluto and visionary Jupiter on April 29-30.

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