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Virgo Love Horoscope for April 2014

Love conquers all ... sometimes

There's good news and bad news this month when it comes to love, Virgo. For you, the saving grace is that love planet Venus will continue to travel through your partnership sector all month. On April 11, a sweet link between Venus and Neptune in this part of your chart might have you in an especially hypnotic state. Locked in your lover's embrace, you will truly believe that love can conquer all.

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And it's a good thing you're convinced of this, because on April 15 an angry Lunar Eclipse might bring money trouble for you, which will, of course, affect your mate. You might lose a source of income and need to rely on your partner for funds until you get back on your feet. While you would hope for his or her support, you may notice resentment creeping in relatively quickly. While this tension will last for most of the month, if you focus on the spiritual side of your union rather than the material side, you will find a way through it.

On April 17-18, you may receive luscious support from an otherwise sinister line up of planets. Again, you can thank Venus in your partnership sector for this help. Without her, you and your partner might have a much larger problem. If you're not in a committed relationship but have only started to date someone, financial disclosures this month might be enough information for you to decide that you really don't want to go to bed with this person after all.

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