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Aquarius Horoscope: April 2015

Set things straight

You might have a crisis of consciousness early this month. For some reason, you appear preoccupied with philosophy, religious views or a moral dilemma. Whatever the details, you may be put in a position where you feel like you must defend your views -- especially near the Total Lunar Eclipse on April 4.

If you have, in fact, done something you later realize was morally wrong, you will not only do everything you can to make it right, but you'll also grow from this experience in ways you can't possibly anticipate just yet.

In lighter news, your focus may turn to matters of the heart near April 11. Until May 7, you'll have Venus touring your true love sector. This is a once-in-a-year phenomenon that will help support you enjoying the pleasures of life more. If single, it's a wonderful indicator that a new love interest may be on the horizon. In addition, if you have any children, this will be a time you enjoy extra harmony with them.

If you have any contract to sign, a writing project to launch, or if you're thinking of buying a new car or taking a short trip, wait until after April 18. A brilliant New Moon will ensure that whatever communication or transportation-related endeavors you start at this point, and until month's end, will succeed.