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Aquarius Love Horoscope for April 2015

True love potential

Get ready for a month of high octane love potential! On April 11, Venus will move into your true love sector -- an event that only happens about once every year. Venus is a true blessing in this part of your chart because she is the planet of love, relationships and social harmony. Now, and until May 7, she'll light up the area of your chart concerned with having fun and falling in love.

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As a result, if you're single this is one of the most auspicious cycles to help support a new love connection. Now is the time to plan on being more social and doing things that make you smile. By following your bliss you'll put yourself in the most advantageous position to meet someone you genuinely click with. Sparks are likely to fly on April 26, when Venus and Uranus connect in an electrifying embrace! A conversation with someone might quickly lead to something more.

Even if you're attached you'll benefit from this incredible romantic energy. Venus here will prompt you and your mate to have more fun together -- and to find ways that ignite the flames of passion all over again. You'll feel especially connected to your mate on April 22, when Venus and Jupiter connect. Your love might indulge you with a very special gift on this day. Or, you might be showered with affection. Take it!

One day that's not so nice for love this month will be April 15, when Venus opposes harsh Saturn. Tax day will either take the romance out of you, or a friend will demand your attention, leaving no room left for your sweetheart.

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