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Cancer Horoscope: April 2015

Recharge your batteries

Stress and anxiety may peak around a domestic matter near April 4. You would feel much better about the situation if only you could control it. Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be the case. Outside circumstances dictate how this scenario will unfold, and all you can do is be there for whoever needs you after the fallout.

A conversation with a business partner near April 7 might only inflame things even more. You may discover information that he or she has been keeping from you. If it's an outright lie, you might even begin to question whether or not the two of you should remain partners.

On April 11, you might begin to crave extra time alone with your lover. The two of you might need a getaway that allows you to escape from all of life's outside noise and chaos. This will not only recharge your personal spiritual batteries, but it will also nourish your relationship as well. If you're single, this might begin a cycle (until May 7) in which you're pining away for someone you can't have.

Career news looks bright after April 18, thanks to a gorgeous New Moon in your professional 10th house. This will be an ideal time to reach for a promotion, launch a business, or go after whatever it is you want most that will help enhance your reputation.