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Cancer Love Horoscope for April 2015

Trouble at home

If you're sharing domestic space with your lover, there might be some contention near April 4. The two of you might have a disagreement over something as minor as a difference of taste in decorating style, and consider yourself lucky if so. It could be worse. In fact, you and your mate could find yourselves in a position where you're at war with one another over a family dispute. If that happens, you're likely to do what you do best in a crisis: Retreat into your shell. Remember, that won't help resolve anything.

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From April 11 until May 7, love planet Venus will be in the most private area of your chart -- the discreet 12th House of Privacy. This could mean a few things for your romantic life. If you're attached, you and your love might simply crave extra time away from all of the chaos of the "real" world. This would be an ideal time to schedule a couple's retreat or some dual pampering at your local spa.

Another possibility, however, is that you'll find yourself more consumed than usual with fantasizing over someone you have a crush on, but know you'll never actually be with. Try not to fall into this trap. You deserve to be a part of something real.

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