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Leo Horoscope: April 2015

Explore new horizons

One of your siblings might need your support near April 4. If he or she isn't going through a hard time, it's possible the two of you will experience a frustrating disagreement that you'll need to resolve. Do your best to take the high road during the first days of April, because there will be tension everywhere you turn.

Thankfully, you'll be back to having plenty of social fun after April 11. Venus will enter your friendship sector and remain there until May 7. During this time you'll experience plenty of harmony with friends. You can anticipate thoroughly enjoying all of your social interactions, so be sure to accept as many invitations as possible to parties and other pleasurable events. If you're single, it's possible a friend will offer to set you up with someone he or she believes is your type. Be open to the possibilities, because this might very well be an ideal match.

If you have a child, it's possible he or she will throw a monkey wrench into your plans on April 15. Have a backup babysitter lined up, just in case. Or, it's possible your child will need you on this day, and if so be sure to clear your schedule.

You'll have your heart set on new horizons after April 18, and for the rest of the month. You may consider learning a new language, signing up for an adult education class, or even learning more about a new religion or philosophy that intrigues you. This will be a phenomenal time to travel abroad if your schedule and finances allow. Life is good!