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Leo Love Horoscope for April 2015

Mix and mingle

Steer clear of any vital conversations with your partner near April 4, if at all possible. A decision the two of you need to make together can quickly turn into a heated argument, where suddenly you're more concerned with being right than being happy. Do your best to keep things in perspective.

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If there is a sticky situation that you and your mate cannot avoid discussing, recognize that emotional conversations will be quite flammable until after April 8. Do your best under the circumstances to avert disaster.

If single, there's amazing news about your love life potential after April 11. Until May 7, you'll have love planet Venus touring the most social area of your chart. This will allow you to enjoy more time with friends, at parties and in other group situations. Because you'll be out and about more, the potential for you to meet someone special will be magnified.

Adding this this, one of your pals might offer to set you up with someone he or she believes is your perfect match. Or, you might try the Internet dating game, or play around with one of those dating apps on your phone. Experiment. And have fun in the process!

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