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Libra Love Horoscope for April 2015

Make room for more

Do your best to go into this month ready to accept changes in your personal life. In fact, a position of "radical acceptance" in April just might be the key to setting yourself free from any unnecessary anxiety or fear connected to whatever shifts are brewing between you and someone close.

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It's not that your relationship is doomed to end with the difficult Lunar Eclipse in your sign on April 4. It's more about a certain part of you and your personality that is ready to be let go. It's like an outfit you've kept in your closet for years to wear again "just in case" it ever fits. Now, you'll realize that no matter how hard you try, you're not going to fit into it anymore. So why allow it to continue taking up valuable space?

That's the kind of situation you need to apply to your love life this month. Because you're ready to rid yourself of a certain behavior pattern that no longer serves your highest good, it might inadvertently have a jarring effect on your relationship. Your partner might not be as ready as you are to see this part of your personality go.

The good news is that after April 11 you and your lover will have the perfect opportunity to take your concerns to a higher power for answers. You might consider spiritual counseling or consult a mentor. Or, you might realize that no matter what the changes are to your personal self, you and your partner still share the same basic core values. That's something to treasure.

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