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Pisces Love Horoscope for April 2015

Home is where the heart is

If you're married or in a committed partnership where you and your love share money or other resources, there might be a wrinkle in your romance near April 4. Most likely it'll have to do with finances. An investment might go south, or you might hear some frustrating news connected to a line of credit, refinance, mortgage or other lending situation you're trying to make happen.

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In certain cases, you might even find out that your mate has lost his or her job or a major source of income. Health insurance or other benefits connected to one of your jobs might be slashed, or you might hear some not-so-happy news from the tax man about money owed to the IRS.

Whatever the details, keep in mind that you and your partner will get through any rough patch. In fact, there is a glorious new financial opportunity on the horizon for you after April 18, so if you must carry the weight for both of you temporarily, it looks like you're more than able to handle it.

What this looks like, more than any other situation, is that you and your partner are either ready to buy a home or make a significant renovation that requires funding you need from a third party. After April 11 and until May 7, it appears that this is where your money is going -- to your domestic life. Overall, this will be a happy scenario, because it's obvious that you both want these changes very much. Because of this, any pinch you feel will be a small price to pay in the overall scheme of things.

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