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Sagittarius Horoscope: April 2015

Let it go

There might be a certain amount of tension relating to your social life or the pursuit of one of your most pertinent dreams early in the month. In some cases, you'll need to let go of a friendship or one of your dreams altogether.

If this happens, it'll be due to the realization that the relationship or goal is no longer workable in your life. Radical acceptance of the situation will be the only way to move past it. Remember, when one door in your life closes, it's to make room for something that better suits your soul's path. This will be the case for you near April 4.

If you're partnered up with someone special, expect things to be quite harmonious from April 11 until May 7. With Venus touring your relationship sector, you can anticipate extra love and support from your mate. In addition, if you're considering a business alliance, these weeks will help you move forward in your collaboration. You'll feel strongly about this person having both of your best interests at heart.

Single? A brilliant New Moon in your true love sector on April 18 sets the stage for amazing romantic potential. This will be your time to get out more and put yourself in the most positive position to meet someone new. Also, any creative project launched in the two weeks following this lunation will have a strong chance to succeed. Make it happen!