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Sagittarius Love Horoscope for April 2015

Take a step forward

Your social life might suffer early this month, thanks to a nasty Lunar Eclipse that falls in your friendship sector near April 4. If one of your pals has been less than supportive of you and your recent love life choices, then this might lead to some hurt feelings. Do your best not to get defensive if you know in your heart that your friend only has your best interests in mind.

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Although you may not agree with your friend's opinion, that doesn't have to be a deal-breaker if you value your friendship overall. It may just be a case of needing to keep your friendship separate from your relationship with your lover -- at least for the time being.

If, however, your friend has crossed a line you're truly uncomfortable with, then it might be time to end the alliance. This shouldn't be a decision you make abruptly, however. If at all possible, wait until later in the month.

Interestingly enough, just when things appear to be as messy as they can get with friends, you and your partner will be enjoying an extra harmonious streak! In fact, from April 11 until May 7, your bond will be so close that the two of you may decide to strengthen your commitment to each other in some way.

This could be anything from moving in together, to getting engaged, or even getting married! If you're already married, you might consider starting a family. That may be a real possibility after the gorgeous New Moon on April 18 in the area of your chart that rules children and romance.

If you're a single Sagittarius, this same lunation has amazing prospects to help support a new love connection. Circle April 26 on your calendar with a bright red heart. No matter what your relationship status, Venus and Uranus will sizzle all over your chart. It's sure to be a heart-pounding day!

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