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Taurus Love Horoscope for April 2015

Because you're worth it

If you're involved in an office romance, expect things to get tricky near April 4. You and your lover might decide that the affair is not worth the risk -- especially if you're violating any type of office policy by dating, or if one of you has other commitments that makes your tryst questionable.

After April 11, your ruling planet will enter the area of your chart that involves earned income and talents. How does this translate for you in terms of love?

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Until May 7 you'll have a major boost in self-worth, which will help you go after what (or who) you want in a relationship. The truth is, during this time you will recognize that you have a lot to offer someone. There's nothing cocky about this revelation. In fact, it's the kind of boost you likely need, so be sure to make the most of it. Go after what you know you're worth and the rewards will astound you.

Mercury will enter your sign on April 14, helping you speak up for yourself in a powerful way until April 30. Now is the time to communicate your personal agenda and make strides in any vital conversation you need to have with a mate. If there's a decision you need to make together, you'll have an easier time getting your point across first.

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