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Virgo Horoscope: April 2015

Take control

Your finances might be a hot mess early in the month. A tense Total Lunar Eclipse in your earned income sector on April 4 could very well bring not-so-happy news about your cash flow. Perhaps you'll lose a source of income, or you might discover that your budget needs more tightening to meet a major expense than you previously thought. Whatever the details, remember that you are one of the most resourceful signs in the zodiac. You will find a way through it!

As a matter of fact, a major bright spot opens up for you on April 11, and continues to bless you throughout May 7. Venus will tour your career sector during this time, brining you plenty of opportunity for validation from higher ups. You'll not only have an ability to enjoy a well-deserved ego boost, but this will be an ideal time to approach your boss for a raise because Venus rules money matters.

Or, the two of you might brainstorm an idea to open up an additional revenue stream. If it's not your boss whom you plan to have this conversation with, consider someone else in your life that you hold in high regard. Schedule this meeting for any day except April 15. Family demands will likely distract you on this day.

On April 18, you'll begin to feel a greater sense of control over your finances. You may hear news about an investment that looks promising. Decisions you make about investment matters certainly appear positive over the next couple of weeks. Be sure to do your due diligence first, but once you have, you'll likely feel confident enough to move forward.