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Aquarius Horoscope: April 2016

Time is of the essence

This will be an eventful month in certain respects, and a frustrating one in others. If there's anything communications-related that you need to work on, you'll have extraordinary support until April 17. Venus will move into your message sector on April 5 and a New Moon in the same area of your chart will occur on April 7.

This will be your best time to plant seeds around a new writing project, or to sign any type of contract. You'll have to act quickly however for two reasons. Mars, the ruler of your 3rd House of Communication, will retrograde on April 17. Then, Mercury, the ruler of communication, will turn retrograde on April 28 in your home and family sector. As you can see, timing is everything this month when it comes to communication matters.

What you may also notice after April 17, is that you and a sibling begin to experience more misunderstanding than usual. Don't get caught up in what really isn't important. Remember to give your sister or brother the benefit of the doubt if it's called for. In fact, Mars will actually retrograde in your friendship sector, so it's also possible that you and a pal will need a cooling off period from one another if your friendship has been too intense lately.

In other news, a glittering Full Moon will fall in your career sector on April 22. You may be in the spotlight for a well-deserved career achievement. Shine on!

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