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Gemini Horoscope: April 2016

Evaluation time

Just when you think everything is going full throttle in your relationship, it appears that this month, life will insist you and your partner both slow your roles and re-evaluate. The culprit is Mars. He'll turn retrograde on April 17, right in your relationship sector.

Although you have had plenty of motivation to make progress in your love life, now it seems as though you and your love will need to consider where it is you've reached a stalemate. Perhaps what was once a friendly argument between the two of you is now a major sticking point.

Can you live with a stalemate? Or is this an issue that you're too uncomfortable looking the other way on? Now is the time to honestly evaluate your feelings about your partnership. If you feel any type of anger or resentment but have been afraid to reveal it, consider going to couple's counseling in order to find a healthy way to address whatever is happening now.

In other news, you might have an opportunity to take on a new role in a group or organization you're a member of this month. Look for news in this part of your life after April 7. Also, a Full Moon in your work sector on April 22 might bring news about a colleague leaving his or her position. The departure will be bittersweet.

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