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Leo Horoscope: April 2016

Romantic roadblocks

If you're single and meet someone new this month, be sure to take things slow. On April 17, Mars will turn retrograde in your romance sector. As a result, there might be a few speed bumps that stall your progress in this part of your life. Don't be discouraged. Instead, see it as an opportunity to really get to know your new sweetheart.

Lose your expectations and carefully consider waiting before you begin any new sexual relationship until after June 29. This is because Mars rules the libido, and if you start having sex with someone new during his retrograde, there's a good chance you'll discover that you're not as sexually compatible as you'd hoped. This might not even happen until after Mars turns direct, but once it does, you may be in for a huge disappointment. Save yourself the headache and make peace with the fact that a slow motion approach will reap rewards in the long run.

If you have any children, it's possible that you and one of your kids will go through a rough patch during this stretch of time. Unresolved arguments might re-emerge now and if so, this will be a good time to gather all of your patience, lose your pride and work on your relationship with your progeny. After all, your children are merely a reflection of yourself.

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