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Pisces Horoscope: April 2016

A slow path to success

Financial improvement is likely early this month. On April 5, Venus will move through your earned income sector. This shift will help boost the confidence you have in developing and marketing your talents. As a result, it's possible that your more entrepreneurial side will want to come out.

A New Moon in the same area of your chart on April 7 fortifies the potential for enhanced earnings. However, once Mars turns retrograde on April 17 in your career sector, you might need to re-evaluate your approach to achieving these financial goals. Mars' retrograde also suggests that there is something with amazing potential brewing connected to your profession, but the timing is not quite right yet to move ahead. Hold off until after June 29 to launch any new business endeavor, and instead spend this month cultivating those talents that will ultimately contribute to its success.

Mercury will retrograde from April 28 - May 22, adding to the mix. This is not the time to sign contracts or make new decisions. So yes, you might be all fired up early this month, but in the end, you'll have to slow down in order to see the true path you must take in order to make your goals achievable.

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