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Scorpio Horoscope: April 2016

On the job

Early in the month you'll have plenty of opportunity to make strides on a work assignment. If you are looking to secure a new job or take on extra freelance projects, act after the New Moon on April 7. There is a strong indication that you'll get something worthwhile. If you own a business and are looking to hire staff, you'll also want to act after this lunation. Venus will be in your work sector from April 5 - 29, so anyone you hire will be a perfect fit. If you're single, this energy may also bring about the possibility for an office romance, so pay attention to who might be sending you flirty vibes!

All of this promise however, must be taken advantage of well before April 17. At that time Mars, the planet of action and energy, will begin a long retrograde phase lasting until June 29. Since Mars is the ruler of your work sector, you may notice a decided slowdown in all of the areas mentioned. Because Mars will retrograde in your earned income sector, you may also need to take a significant look at your expenses and compare them against your income. Revisions might frustrate you now, but they are necessary.

A Full Moon in your sign on April 22 may bring extra emotions to the surface. Don't fight them. Then Mercury turns retrograde on April 28 in your partnership sector, making miscommunication possible.

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