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Cancer Horoscope: April 2017

Conflict resolution

During the first half of this month you and your sweetheart might have to work through a rift between your core values. This can be anything from a spiritual belief to an ethical one, but the important thing to remember now is that neither one of you can blindly allow the other to behave in a way that doesn't feel right. Talk about this matter and resolve it before it becomes a serious problem.

If you're working on a website, social media campaign, or any other technology-related endeavor, you'll need extra patience. On April 9, Mercury will turn retrograde and remains out of phase until May 3. Use this time to revise your work, test code, or have a soft launch to give yourself the opportunity to troubleshoot. Hold off until next month for the big reveal. In fact, a New Moon on April 26 will set up a two-week window of success potential in this area -- it's worth the wait!

Your attention may turn to family matters near April 11. A relative might share emotional but positive news. Alternatively, you might be finishing up a decorating project.

You might be ready to enter hibernation mode from April 21-June 4 to work on your inner self more. During this time, Mars, the planet of assertive drive, will be tucked away in your hidden 12th House of Secrets. As a result, you may work strategically behind the scenes on a top-secret endeavor. It could also be that you simply require some time away from life's chaos.

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